The 10th MDS Colloquium has been accredited with 9 CME points by the Sächsische Landesärztekammer (SLÄK).


Saturday, 9 November 2019

10th MDS Colloquium
featuring AML & the 7th Annual EMSCO Meeting

Session 1: EMSCO trial update
08:30 Update on ongoing trials
Silke Gloaguen, Dresden
Fatiha Chermat, Paris
08:50 EMSCO trials in the pipeline
Uwe Platzbecker, Leipzig
Lionel Adès, Paris
09:10 Snapshot of current global clinical research in MDS
Pierre Fenaux, Paris
09:30 Regulatory aspects of clinical trials -> EU 536
Oana Brosteanu, Leipzig

Coffee break

Session 2: Pathophysiology & prognosis
10:10 Stem cell hierarchy in MDS – different than expected?
Amit K. Verma, New York
10:30 Niche and MDS: druggable targets?
Daniel Nowak, Mannheim
10:50 Iron in MDS: fake or fact?
Emanuele Angelucci, Cagliari
11:10 Molecular prognostic markers in MDS and AML
Felicitas Thol, Hannover

Coffee break

Session 3: Therapy of MDS and AML
11:50 Standards and perspectives of treatment in lower-risk MDS – ESA first, EMA second?
Uwe Platzbecker, Leipzig
12:10 HMAs in MDS and AML. Isn’t there any biomarker of outcome and response?
Valeria Santini, Florence
12:30 Are there any novel concepts of allogeneic transplant in myelodysplastic syndromes?
Guillermo Sanz, Valencia


Session 4: New targets in MDS and AML
13:50 How to improve outcome of high-risk MDS and AML in the elderly?
Lionel Adès, Paris
14:10 IDH1 and 2 revisited – a druggable target with curative potential?
14:30 Moving from bench to bedside in myeloid malignancies: the future of AML/MDS?
Raphael Itzykson, Paris

Coffee break

Session 5: Plenary I
15:10 Inflammation in bone marrow failure, fact or artefact?
Shahram Kordasti, London
15:35 Inherited bone marrow failure syndromes – only a matter of paediatrics?
Marie Sebert, Paris
16:00 Dyserythropoesis in MDS – causes and consequences
Michaela Fontenay, Paris

Coffee break

Session 6: Plenary II
16:45 MDS/MPN, beyond genomic alterations
Eric Solary, Villejuif
17:15 Presence and future of cellular therapy in hematology
Ulrike Köhl, Leipzig


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Lionel Adès

Saint Louis Hospital / University of Paris
Hematology Department for the elderly
Paris, France

Emanuele Angelucci

Businco Hospital
Medical Oncology
Cagliari, Italy

Oana Brosteanu

Center for Clinical Trials
University of Leipzig
Leipzig, Germany

Pierre Fenaux

Saint Louis Hospital / University of Paris
Hematology Department for the elderly
Paris, France

Michaela Fontenay

Cochin Hospital / University of Paris
Department of Hematology
Paris, France

Raphael Itzykson

Saint Louis Hospital / University of Paris
Hematology Department for adults
Paris, France

Ulrike Köhl

University Hospital Leipzig
Institute of Clinical Immunology
Leipzig, Germany

Shahram Kordasti

King's College London
Department of Haemato-Oncology
London, United Kingdom

Daniel Nowak

University Hospital Mannheim
Medical Clinic III
Mannheim, Germany

Uwe Platzbecker

University Hospital Leipzig
Medical Clinic and Policlinic I
Leipzig, Germany

Valeria Santini

University Hospital of Florence
Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine
Firenze, Italy

Guillermo Sanz

University Hospital La Fe
Department of Hematology
Valencia, Spain

Marie Sebert

Saint Louis Hospital / University of Paris
Hematology Department for the elderly
Paris, France

Eric Solary

Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute
Paris, France

Felicitas Thol

Hannover Medical School
Department of Hematology, Hemostaseology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation
Hannover, Germany

Amit K. Verma

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Division of Hemato-Oncology
New York, USA

Paresh Vyas

University of Oxford
Radcliffe Department of Medicine
Oxford, UK